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Hand made Cold Brew Tea 自製冷泡茶

This summer is a hot one. Instead of drinking sweet, sugary drinks and putting on the calories would you like to try a hand made cold brew tea for a healthier way to quench your thirst?

In Taiwan's sub-tropical climate, cold brew tea is very popular. You can buy different types of cold tea in the convenience store or tea shops. It's really easy to make a cold brew fresh tea. I recommend you try these three teas.

JinXuan is sweeter with a distinct honey taste.

PaoChung gives you instant refreshment with a pleasing aftertaste.

DongDing and some roasted oolong has a strong earthy taste and stops your thirst immediately.

Step by step:

1. put 5 grams of the tea leaves into an empty 500 ml

bottle or 10 grams leaves with 1 l bottle

2. fill the bottle with room temperature water

3. put it in the refrigerator or leave it in cool place

4. wait for 6 hours, then you can enjoy a fresh and chilled tea!

Try it. You will find that cold brew taste is quite different from hot brew tea.

*Use special cold brew tea spoon with 5g leaves

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