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Ali Shan JinXuan Winter Sprout (Hand-Picked) 阿里山金萱冬片

Ali Shan JinXuan Winter Sprout (Hand-Picked) 阿里山金萱冬片


Winter Sprout, called 'Dong Pian' in Mandarin, is the most unusual tea from Taiwan. In Taiwan, winter teas are typically picked from mid-to-late November. Only when winter is mild enough, the tea plants will grow new sprouts before dormancy.
Our Winter Sprout comes picked in the mid of December in 2020, 45 days after the main winter harvest. It comes from a 1,250 meter tea garden in Alishan. Due to the specific timing, the leaves are thicker and possess much higher sugar taste. Winter sprout, JinXuan besides milk fragrance, it also has strong flower fragrance, natural sweet taste. It is extremely smoothly and no bitter taste. Can be infused 5-7 times.
Fermentation: light, Roasting:0%
Limited amount provides!

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