2020 Ali Shan Winter Sprout Hand-Picked Green-Tip ︱阿里山手採冬片-青心烏龍

2020 Ali Shan Winter Sprout Hand-Picked Green-Tip ︱阿里山手採冬片-青心烏龍


Winter Sprout, called 'Dong Pian' in Mandarin, is the most unusual tea from Taiwan. In Taiwan, winter teas are typically picked at the mid of December. Only when winter is mild enough, the tea plants will grow new sprouts before dormancy.
Our Winter Sprout comes picked in the beginning of Jan, 2020, 45 days after the main winter harvest. It comes from a 1,250 meter tea garden in Ruili. The tea farmer, Mr. Chung only made a few amount of Winter Sprouts with ChinShin variety. Due to the specific timing and fresh leaves, the leaves are greener and possess much higher sugar taste. This winter sprout comes with floural fragrance and sugarnane taste, It has stronger after taste and very smooth. Can be infused 5-7 times. One pack is 25g.
Fermentation: light, Roasting:0%
Limited amount provides!

Brewing Instructions

tea leaves: 5g, Water: 100°C 150cc.

1st brew: 70 seconds, 2nd brew: 60 seconds, 3rd-5th brew: 70-90 seconds

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