2019 Spring Tea Master Made-Ali Shan High Mountain Small Green-tip Oolong 阿里山小葉烏


Light oxidation, unroasted. hand-picked
Origin: Alishan, the origin of high mountain tea.
Small Green-tip Oolong is the name of the Taiwan tea variety. It is the advanced variety of original green-tip oolong which has smaller leaves. Due to the skill of tea making and high altitude, you can smell the orchid aroma and taste the natural sweetness. No flavouring.
This tea is made by tea master with 30 years experience in 2019 Spring.
Brewing Instructions
tea leaves: 5g, Water: >90°C 150cc.
1st brew: 70 seconds, 2nd brew: 60 seconds, 3rd-6th brew: 70-90 seconds


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