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Porcelain Aroma Taste Cup with Bamboo Coaster Set 兼具品茗與聞香之斗笠杯

Porcelain Aroma Taste Cup with Bamboo Coaster Set 兼具品茗與聞香之斗笠杯


Introducing our Porcelain Aroma Taste Cup with Bamboo Coaster Set

Delight in the essence of tea with our exquisite Porcelain Aroma Taste Cup, thoughtfully paired with a bamboo coaster for the ultimate tea-tasting experience. This set is a must-have for any tea lover seeking to fully immerse themselves in the subtle nuances of tea fragrance.

Crafted from premium porcelain, our taste cup is designed to capture and accumulate the delicate aromas of your tea. As you pour your brew into the cup, it gently absorbs the tea's natural scents, enhancing your ability to savor the complex fragrances with every sip. The cup's material and shape are specifically chosen to accentuate the tea's aroma, making each tasting a sensory delight.

With a capacity of 40ml, this taste cup is ideal for appreciating the fine flavors of high-quality teas, allowing for the perfect portion to indulge in the full spectrum of taste and aroma without overwhelming the palate.

The accompanying bamboo coaster adds an elegant touch while serving a practical purpose. It not only protects surfaces but also complements the cup's aesthetics, creating a harmonious set that reflects the serene beauty of traditional oriental tea rituals.

Elevate your tea sessions and embrace the full experience of your favorite infusions with our Porcelain Aroma Taste Cup and Bamboo Coaster Set. Available now at our online oriental tea shop, where we celebrate the art and culture of tea.

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