The Wistaria Teahouse

February 14, 2017

The Wistaria Teahouse is a must place to visit for anyone travelling in Taiwan. The Teahouse is classified as a Taipei Historical Heritage Site combining western-style building facades and Japanese-stylised buildings. This teahouse once belonged to Professor, David Chow who introduced liberalism into the living rooms of the 1950s. His son  Chow Yu, the current owner of the teahouse preserves the spirit of the building for discussing art, democracy, culture and other affairs. In 1981, he renamed this house as the ‘Wistaria Teahouse’ to honour three wistaria trees in the front yard.  This teahouse has witnessed the progression of Taiwan’s democratic process and is full of stories. For me personally the colourful history of teahouse just adds to the charm. An exhibition area for artists is available for hire. As a customer, you can enjoy the Art, food, Taiwanese local teas and PuRe from China. On a sunny day, one can sit out in the garden and appreciate the beauty of wistaria.


There are so many introductions online about Wistaria Teahouse where you can read in depth about the teahouse story and long history. Chow Yu mentioned his business philosophy is that this place have been gone through democracy and liberalism. He currently expects this teahouse become the place to increase people’s ability of aesthetics and cultural literacy and good health preservation.  Chow Yu is supportive of the local universities and provides a fair price. The basic tea costs 200 NTD(equivalent to £5.3). The opening hours are from 10:00 to 22:00.  

After my introduction, let’s check some photos and the introduction video, which I found on Youtube.

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