Fantastic Christmas Gifts! Alishan Tangerine High Mountain Oolong/Black Oolong阿里山柳香烏龍

October 14, 2017

The hand-picked high mountain ChinShin(Green-tip) tea leaves from Alishan are sealed in our world renowned fragrant organic tangerine skins from ChiaYi, southern Taiwan. The perfect match of tangerine and Oolong tea!

It took around 20 days to make this tea steaming and drying for 10 days then finally roasted for 10 days. After that, these tangerine stuffed with tea need to be sun dried for 6 months.

About Tea Master:
The tea master Mr. Yeh, has 30 years experience of tea making. He comes from Alishan, the birthplace of High Mountain Tea in Taiwan. He experimented for three years to develop the unique technique of stuffing tea leaves into fruit skins. This is the traditional way of making tea from Hakka people in China, which can be traced back to Ming dynasty (600 years ago). It is hard to see tangerine oolong tea in Taiwan, due to the difficulties of techniques and the size of tangerine. TeaWon is glad to present this special tea to the UK.

Hand-picked ChinShin (Green-tip) tea leaves from Alishan in 2015/2016 winter.
Organic tangerine from ChiaYi, the south of Taiwan. One Tangerine High Mountain Oolong tea is about 60-70 grams.

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