Brewing tea with big tea pot

February 16, 2018

It is very common to have big tea pots in British family. How to brew proper oolong tea with this kind of tea pot? First of all, understand the volume of the tea pot you are going to use, for instance, 450 cc. Secondly, calculate the quantity of leaves we need for this tea pot. We usually put 3g of tea leaves with 150 cc water. Therefore, we need to prepare 9g of tea leaves for 450 cc teapot. Then follow the way of traditional tea brewing.


Usually, we brew more than twice for big tea pot. First brew: steep 1.5 mins for twist shape leaves and 3 mins for ball shape leaves. Second brew, double the time you used for the first brew. Remember, it is better pour tea into tea pitcher or even the tea in each cups, instead of pouring tea in one cup then the other cups.

Check how to brew tea in traditional way. 

Today's tea: Triple roasted Oolong

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