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About Us

Our aim is to bring a new healthy tea experience to those who value high quality and a delicious unique taste. TeaWon sells authentic, high quality tea leaves from local farmers and award-winning Tea Masters in Taiwan.

We visited many tea plantations in Taiwan and tasted many different teas before selecting the best. High quality Oriental tea is not always available in the UK; TeaWon makes it easier to find and purchase different varieties of loose tea to suit all tastes.

We also offer mobile Taiwanese tea tasting parties for companies and local groups- see Tea Journey.  

You can find us at 125 Laurison Place Edinburgh, EH3 9JN (Amall supermarket) where you can purchase our tea.  Alternatively order online (you can collect at this addresses).

About Us⌄: About Us

Our Mission

TeaWon has specialised in Taiwanese tea promotion in Edinburgh. Our mission is to allow people enjoy delicious tea and experience Taiwanese culture. TeaWon opens the door for tea farmers and tea masters to preserve the traditional tea making method. We would like to use our passion and knowledge to introduce high quality tea products and Taiwanese tea art to tea lovers in the UK.

About Us⌄: About Us

"Excellent teas, passionate and knowledgable owner. Really blown away by the amazing taste and quality of the teas! Highly recommend!”

"I’m loving your teas. After years of developing a taste for tea , I have over the last few years been cultivating a taste for Taiwanese high mountain. I have been ordering from expensive shops in London, recently I came across a shop in Edinburgh selling your products. I’m in awe of the quality.”

Sabine Hellmann

Stu Lee

"I must say I was fascinated, as it’s the first time anyone had taken the time to explain the process of growing, processing and importing teas before, So as you may expect, it’s great to learn more, especially when normally tea is brought from a store from people who know very little about what it is that they are selling.
You sold me some of your High Mountain Green-Tip Chin Shin tea. I have nearly finished it and will buy more, surely for my friends as well, it is really nice tea. Surprisingly I have traditionally only been a coffee drinker, and I must say I suspect this is because I haven’t had many quality tea drinks in the past. But this tea has convinced me to reawaken my exploration of tea drinking. Thank you”

"Once you try the finest tea, cheaper and lower quality teas won’t ever satisfy you. That was happened to me few years ago. Since then where ever I live, I search best tea selling places in area. And that was happened with TeaWon. All teas from TeaWon are exclusively high quality and its huge satisfaction not even drink them but and have professional chat about tea with owner Chen Weiyu. Those teas she brings from here home country Taiwan where old tradition of Chinese art of tea is preserved. 
I, as an addict of the good tea, highly recommend teas from TeaWon”

Francis Butler

Jur Zvin

About Us⌄: Testimonials
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