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High Mountain Oolong

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Each oolong tea leaf takes at least two days to process from picking to being able to drink

  1. The tea leaves are plucked when they are matured enough. They are only plucked on a sunny day from dawn to sunset.

  2. The leaves are allowed to wither under the sun and in the open air to remove moisture.

  3. Then the indoor air drying rack is used to achieve a further withering process.

  4. Next, the leaves are tossed and shaken in order to bruise the edges. This bruising causes the leaves to partially oxidize as some enzymes are exposed to the air. This usually takes 4-12 hours.

  5. After this, the tea leaves are putting into the panning machine. High temperature are used to destroy the activity of the yeast and stop the fermentation procedure. It can also remove the vegetable smell of the tea and some moisture.

  6. Tea leaves will be put into the rolling machine to be rolled, rotated and squeezed. This turns the leaves into a curl shape and some tea juice is squeeze out. This allows the tea to be brewed several times.

  7. To make sure the moisture is under 5% the tea leaves are baked. Some special tea will be baked over charcoal for example charcoal roasted oolong tea.

  8. Tea leaves should always be stored in a seal/vacuumed package and kept in a dry, cool place.

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