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About Our Tea Ware

• The clay tea pots sold on our website are hand moulded in Taiwan. The clay originates from Taiwan, China and Vietnam
• The clay teapots arrive with an oil finish. Firstly use mild washing up liquid to remove the oil. After first wash it is recommended to soak the teapot with waste tea leaves and hot water for one day before first use. After soaking dry the teapot and soak again with boiling water for 3-5 minutes and ensure the lid is removed to allow evaporation
• Always use the same teapot for the same type of tea, otherwise the porous nature of the teapot will affect the delicate taste
• Different types of teapots and tea ware will affect the taste so experiment brewing your tea with clay, porcelain or glass tea ware
• The clay teapot will naturally change appearance over time and become polished depending on how often you use it
• All teapot has been confirmed that water sprouts is perfect and no dripping.

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