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Mid-Autumn Festival

This year, Mid-Autumn Festival falls in 21st of September. In Taiwan, we celebrate this festival by eating moon cakes, pomelo and drinking tea in the evening, and appreciate the full moon at the same time.

Since a BBQ sauce company promotes BBQ with families on Mid-Autumn Festival is the best activity for evening in the 1980s, it became a trend in Taiwan. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 among kindergartens recently, Taiwan local governments plan to impose the law of whether allowing BBQ outdoors or indoors or not on the Mid-Autumn Festival. From this news, you can understand how important it is to have BBQ for Taiwanese people during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This time, TeaWon provides Taiwan Red Bean small mooncakes on the website. If customers order during this time, will get the complimentary LonganFlowers Tea which is idea for warmer weather.

For Stronger Black Tea Lover

For Lighter Tea Lover

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