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Taipei Trip- Wistaria(紫藤廬) by Hozo

Ever since last summer I have wanted to visit Taiwan and visit some of the magnificent Japanese style tea houses. For historical reasons, Taiwanese tea houses have a different tea culture. As I have had the chance to visit classical or traditional style tea houses, it sounded like a cool idea to explore something new about tea. So… when time came to book a holiday, tickets to Taipei were bought.

Planning was simple – just go to as many tea places as possible. After speaking with Weiyu I received a few special recommended tea houses to visit. When we speak about “tea houses” then my default expectations will be that there will be “just tea”. But be warned, most of the places also serve some simple and neat food. So far I have visited a couple of tea houses, but most interesting are those that have authentic atmosphere inside, good location, and somewhere you enjoy sitting inside and can just look out of the window to enjoy the landscape view or garden view.

So there are four tea houses in Taipei that I have enjoyed the most. If you have anymore suggestions, please reply in the comments!


This is an old style building. From outside it’s nothing special. Entering tea house there is small pond full of gold-fish. It looks like you are entering a small quiet coffee shop. But this is place of two halves: in one half you can enjoy tea sitting at conventional tables like in a café and second half – old Japanese style rooms where people can enjoy tea on tatamis in old fashioned room. That makes best part of this place, as you can enjoy old interior and have tea in seza.

Quiet atmosphere for deep talks.

Wisteria is famous for its atmosphere where you can have long talks around the table enjoying tea.

Address: No. 1, Lane 16, Section 3, Xinsheng S Rd, Taipei City

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