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Taipei Trip: Eighty-Eightea Rinbansyo (八拾捌茶輪番所) by HoZo

Eighty-Eightea Rinbansyo (八拾捌茶輪番所)

Located between busy streets of Taipei it is like some island of peacefulness. While you can look in the garden in backyard, over the fence you can see skyscrapers. Nice Japanese style interior. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Story of this place is quite interesting: it used to be house of head monk, so when you sit there you can imagine that someone was living there for years.

Big Japanese style doors with big windows makes this place very bright and

daylight makes this place match the mood of weather. They also serve some food – jelly from oolong tea, and boiled vegetables. All looks good and tastes nice.

Address: No. 174, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Taipei City

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