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2021 Natural Grow Red Jade Hong Yu-Black Tea  紅玉

2021 Natural Grow Red Jade Hong Yu-Black Tea 紅玉


Heavy oxidation, hand-picked

Origin: Yu Chi County, central Taiwan

It is originated from Taiwanese tea tree, No. 18, also called Tai Cha 18. This Red Jade comes from Yu Chi County, where Sun Moon Lake located. It is surrounded by mountains and has the best quality of water and good soil makes its agriculture famous.  Red jade is distinguished with light mint and cinnamon flavour and a sweet aftertaste. This Red Jade is more melow than previous one. It can be drink plain during the first and second brew. You can also add with milk after third brew and experience its unique fragrance.

Brewing Instructions

tea leaves: 5g, water: 80-90°C 150cc.

1st brew: 60 seconds, 2nd brew: 50 seconds, 3rd-5th brew: 60-80 seconds

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