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2021 Oriental Beauty, JinXuan variety  東方美人

2021 Oriental Beauty, JinXuan variety 東方美人


Heavy oxidation, hand-picked. 

Origin: Miaoli, Northern Taiwan

This tea is made with Chin Shin Dah Pan tea tree, which can arouse the best flavour of oriental beauty. Named by Queen Elizabeth in 1960 after she tried and had a high impression. It was originally called as Formosa Tea among the Europeans. In the past, this tea was very popular and people enthusiastically looked for it. At that time, it was said that 15 kg of Oriental Beauty was equivalent to the cost of a house in Taiwan. The reason why people love this tea is because of its sweet fruity and honey flavour. The secret of this flavour is caused by tiny green flies that attack the tea leaves beginning early summer onwards. The tea leaves that were bitten by green flies will change into yellow in colour and the tea leaves produce an antibody which gives a fruity and honey flavour.

This Oriental Beauty is made by JinXuan tea variety, it has nice muscat fragrance . The liquid has amber yellow colour. It has citrus and mellow taste. It stratches your taste bud and slightly bitter after taste.

Brewing Instructions

tea leaves: 5g, Water: 85-90°C 150cc.

1st brew: 70 seconds, 2nd brew: 50 seconds, 3rd-5th brew: 60-80 seconds

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