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Jing Mai Old Tree Young Pu Er 2014.11景迈古树茶

Jing Mai Old Tree Young Pu Er 2014.11景迈古树茶


Old big tea tree, hand-picked
Origin: JingMai, Yunnan, China, 2014.Nov.19th
Taiwan tea master makes tea in Yunnan. He selected different tea leaves in Yunnan and makes young and cooked Pu Er. This tea leaves come from JingMai mountain, one of the Chinese six mountain tea. This young Pu Er was compressed by stone mill instead of modern machine. JinMai Pu Er has distinguish wild mountain fragrance due to the growth with forest. Its honey fragrance last longer then other Pu Er and has less bitterness. 
Brewing Instructions:
tea leaves: 5g , Water: 90°C 150cc. Wash tea once.1st brew: 8 seconds, 2nd brew: 10 seconds, 3rd-10th brew: 20-80 seconds

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