Natural Heavy Roasted GABA Oolong Tea (Gabaron, Jia Wu Long Cha) 重焙佳葉龍茶


Oxygen-free fermentation 60-70%. Heavy baked. Partical hand-picked
Origin: Nantou, the central Taiwan
GABA tea is tea that has undergone a special oxygen-free fermentation process, and as a result has accumulated GABA in tea leaves. This technology has been created in Japan. Our GABA tea comes from 300 to 350 meter hight hill in Naotou. It is cultivated by Mr. Yu and made from organic Four Seasons Spring variety. This tea has strong roasting fragrance. It tastees less sweet than GABA tea cake but more caramel and smooth aftertaste. The healthy benefits of GABA tea can be found online. It can be infused 3-5 times.
Brewing Instructions
tea leaves: 5g, Water: 80-90°C 150cc.
1st brew: 50 seconds, 2nd brew: 60 seconds, 3rd brew: 70-90 seconds


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