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Organic Iron Goddess (Tie Kuan Yin) 有機木柵鐵觀音

Organic Iron Goddess (Tie Kuan Yin) 有機木柵鐵觀音


Heavy oxidation, heavy roasted, ball shape.hand-pickedOrigin: MuZha, Taipei. 20g one pack

Iron Goddess is also known as Tie Kuan Yin, with varying degrees of oxidation during tea making process. It has the hint of floral, honey scent and the rich fruity aroma. From the second brew, you can taste a roast nutty character. The ever-changing aromatics is the joy of Iron Goddess. Reddish-brown after brewing, rich in flavour and has a very strong sweet aftertaste. Taiwan farmers preserve the traditional way of making Tie Kuan Yin. This tea farmer grows a small amount of Tie Kuan Yin tea trees in Maokong,Taipei with organic garden management. You can taste the ripe fruity aroma and excite your taste buds. 
Brewing Instructionstea leaves: 5g , Water: 90°C 150cc.1st brew: 50 seconds, 2nd brew: 40 seconds, 3rd-7th brew: 50-80 seconds

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