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LiShan Hwa-Kang High Mountain ChinShin Oolong-Winter 華岡茶區冬茶

LiShan Hwa-Kang High Mountain ChinShin Oolong-Winter 華岡茶區冬茶


Light oxidation, unroasted. hand-picked, Spring

Origin: LiShan Hwa-Kang area, the northern mountain of Taiwan, alt. 2,200m, the highest High Mountain Tea in Taiwan

This Spring LiShan Hwa-Kang High Mountain ChinShin Oolong is a rare and exceptional tea, sourced from the LiShan mountain surrounded by lush forests and enveloped in mist. The dramatic temperature difference between morning and evening at this high altitude results in tea leaves that are thick and durable, producing a sweet flavor long aftertaste. Due to the exclusive nature of the small tea gardens in the Hwa-Kang area, this High Mountain Oolong is hard to come by in the market, making it a coveted treasure for tea enthusiasts. Its smooth and delicate taste is complemented by a delightful orchid fragrance, making it a luxurious and indulgent choice for any tea lover. Experience the magic of this rare and exquisite tea, and savor the unique flavors of the LiShan region.. This tea can be brewed 4-5 times.  


Brewing Instructions

tea leaves: 5g, Water: >90°C 150cc.

1st brew: 70 seconds, 2nd brew: 60 seconds, 3rd-6th brew: 70-90 seconds

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