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TeaWon Triple Roasted Oolong 重烘焙烏龍

TeaWon Triple Roasted Oolong 重烘焙烏龍


Medium oxidation, Heavy roasted.
Origin: Nantou, the central Taiwan semi-handpicked/ Shan Lin Xi High Mountain handpicked
Triple roasted has been roasted in differnt temperature for sevel times. It is strong roasted tea for people who like smoky taste and provides distinguish charcoal taste. TeaWon select two differnt kinds of tea, JinXuan (Milk oolong) from Nantou and Green Tip oolong from Shan Lin Xi high mountain. The strong rasted reduce the caffeine of tea and open your taste bud. 

1 pack is 25g
tea leaves: 5g, Water: >90°C 150cc. 
1st brew: 70 seconds, 2nd brew: 60 seconds, 3rd-5th brew: 70-90 seconds

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