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YiWu Young Pu Er Tea, 2016, Spring 易武古树普洱

YiWu Young Pu Er Tea, 2016, Spring 易武古树普洱


Post oxidation, Old big tea tree, hand-picked

Origin: YiWu, Yunnan, China

Taiwan tea master makes tea in Yunnan. He selected different tea leaves in Yunnan and makes young and cooked Pu Er. This tea leaves come from YiWu, one of the six tea mountains in Yunnan. This young Pu Er was compressed by stone mill instead modern machine.  This Pu Er has fresh and hash tea taste. After second or third brew, you can feel the frangance from the tonguh. One cake is 357g. The smaller package will be devidied into pieces.


Brewing Instructions:

tea leaves: 5g , Water: > 90°C 150cc. Wash tea once.
1st brew: 8 seconds, 2nd brew: 10 seconds, 3rd-10th brew: 20-80 seconds


YiWu mountain is located in Meng La County, the southeast part of Yunnan Province, between Laos and Myanmar. The mountain has a 1400 meter altitude with 17.7 °C average temperatures. The mean annual rainfall is between 1800 to 2100mm. Uniquely, it is the origin of the big leaf Pu Erh Tea tree.


The Six Pu Erh Tea Mountains in China were chosen as a gift for the emperor. All the tea needed to be presented to the emperor before the Ching Ming Festival (also called Tomb Sweeping Day, which falls on 4th of April or 5th of April) and then can be sold to the public. Why is this? There are a limited number of young tea leaves when the weather is colder. Also the fragrance and nutrition of tea leaves are richer when young.


So far, YiWu Mountain has been protected well with many old tea trees among the Six Pu Erh Tea Mountains.


The features of YiWu tea are: Light fragrance and smooth tea taste. It has a unique fragrance, which can be felt on the top of your tongue and palate. 

The text was partially translated from the introduction of this tea cake by Yun Yuan Team Company in 2016. 


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