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Big Sale for Tea Lovers!

TeaWon is offering a big package discount until Feb 5th for tea lovers! Selected teas (over 150g quantity) are on sale up to 30% off. If you would like to bag some tea for winter now is the time.

For High Mountain Tea, the sale includes AliShan JinXuan from winter, spring and early winter

If you prefer roasted tea, there are DongDing Oolong, GaBa Oolong, Hong-Shui Oolong and also tea cake

During winter time, black tea is a good options such as Oriental Beauty , High Mountain Black Oolong from Alishan and Honey Scented Black Oolong .

If you prefer no caffeine, welcome to try our Longan Flower Tea, the natural honey sweet taste attract lots of people in the market. Another choice is Glutinous Rice PuEr, which storage into a little tea cake, very easy to carry.

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