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ChiaYi Tea Festival

Alihsan holds the origin of High Mountain Oolong tea. It is located in Chia-Yi County. Organisers have run the Alishan Tea Festival annually since 2015 which I have twice participated in. The hosts who are usually locals divide the event into several distinct sections, including tea tasting, world showcase, tea marketing (tea leaves, tea wares and accessories), tea arts demonstration and tea exhibitions.

On a sunny day, you can enjoy tea with tea farmers or tea masters to taste and chat about tea. The festival will take you about one to two days for you to fully participate. When I lived in Taiwan, I took drinking good tea for granted. Since my parents come from ChiaYi county, high mountain oolong tea was always available.

The festival is an excellent opportunity for tea business networking and for tea lovers to explore knowledge and new and old ideas.

Here were some photos for you to enjoy and I hope when the restrictions are lifted I can go back to Taiwan and bring you some of the latest selections from the farmers.

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