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Lavender Field Visit in Scotland

On the second to last open day, I went to visit Scottish Lavender fields in Kinross, Scotland.

This was my first time visiting a lavender field. I was confused by another purple field recently, if anyone knows what type of flowers, welcome to tell me.

This field was alongside the beautiful Loch Leven. I came here in autumn five years ago and the lavender farmer had just started. According to the owner, due to climate change, lavender is now able to grow in Scotland. They’ve decided to grow two varieties of the high value crop which can encourage the ecosystem wildlife nearby. French lavender can produce better oil and English lavender has a beautiful bloom. People enjoy taking photos, and smell the fragrance from the flowers. There are many bees surrounding the field and sheep near the farm. It becomes a peaceful picture.

I found some similarity between making tea and making lavender oil. This farm harvests the lavender with flowers and stalks by hand and removes all weeds, which will cause impurity of oil. They dry lavender in the drying machine if wet, meanwhile tea leaves have to be naturally dried after picking. Lavender cannot sit too long at the distillery. After distillery work, there is a wait for the lavender water to come out and oil will sit at the top of the water, which is the main valuable product for the local aromatherapy industry.

It’s interesting to know about the traditional hand process of making lavender oil. When I understand the process of making, I appreciate the product itself more. After the presentation, the sun was out and all the lavender farms were shining. I enjoy this trip a lot and would like to share it with you.

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