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Quarantine Life in Taipei

Away from my family for almost 24 months, I am eager to go home. Due to no direct flight between the UK and Taiwan. I had to prepare the proof of two vaccinations, the COVID negative report and the 14 nights reservation of the quarantine hotel before boarding.

Luckily, Taiwan removed the UK from the high risk country before my travel day, so I was able to choose a quarantine hotel near my home, which also has a vacancy!

The hotel provides basic facilities, including TV, kettle, hair dryer. There is no housekeeping, so I have to clean the room myself. My family brings my delicious and traditional Taiwan meal to me everyday. When they come over I can wave at them which is my daily comfort.

What should I do to fulfill my duty in the quarantine hotel? I need to answer government calls and report my health condition, as well as SMS. I also have to record my body temperature every morning and evening. On the12th day of quarantine, the government will come to do the PCR Test for you even though you did a test when you arrive at the airport. On the 15th day, I can leave the hotel and go back to ‘likely’ normal life. They call ‘likely’ normal life as a 7-day self-health management, which means you cannot take public transportation, go to restaurants and gatherings. I'm quite confused about what I can do and what I cannot do during self-health management. Hope I can find out more when I finish my quarantine time soon.

Some people are curious about life in a sort of jail. To be honest, it’s quite a peaceful and quiet time for yourself. I can do any indoor activity I like as long as I have a good wifi connection. The most annoying thing is my family just lives a few blocks away, but I can not go to see them. When the sky is blue and I cannot go for a walk.

Tomorrow I am going to have a PCR test. I hope everything goes well then I can be free.

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