Scented Teas 熏製茶

When I went to the tea house in Britain and realised that some British Black tea are blended with bergamot oil or citrus oils for fruity taste. It's very different from Taiwanese Tea. We tend to use the fermentation and twist process which allow tea leaves makes its own fragrance. However, there are some scented teas in Taiwan are made with flowers and called scented teas. Due to the dry tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) have the ability to absorb different types of odour. So tea makers use this ability to produce flower scented tea.

Eighty-Eight Tea House’s introduction to producing scented tea has six steps.

Step one, begin by roasting the semi-made tea leaves to remove unnecessary smell then set aside for 3-7 days to reduce smoke odour.

Step two, harvest the flower when they are in bloom. Farmers only select the best flowers without stems, leaves and sepal.

Step three, spread one layer of flowers over one layer of tea leaves and to provide the 8 hour’ oxidation process. This allows plenty of time for the tea leaves to absorb the flower fragrance.

Step Four, in gener