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Travel Tea Brewing

After the pandemic, I started to develop bicycle touring and cycling. It is quite nice when I get to a beautiful scenery with a picnic table then enjoy a cup of tea. However, it’s not easy to have fresh tea while traveling, so I usually make the tea at home and pour it into a flask to keep it warm.

Recently when I was back in Taiwan, I received a tea brewing bottle as a gift, which makes fresh tea easily. This bottle combines into three parts, glass lid, stainless steel strainer and the bottle holding tea. Three of them can be fastened as one flask. I will put the dry tea leaves into a glass lid, then pour boiling water into a bottle. Later, seal the glass lid with a strainer and bottle. After brewing for 2-3 minutes you can put the flask into an upright position ready to enjoy the tea.

At the beginning, I was confused about where I should pour water into a bottle or the glass lid. How much water and tea leaves should I prepare? Also, when I don't fasten flask correctly, it leaks. After practicing several times, I finally found the way to brew the tea with this tea flask.

It’s quite convenient to re brew tea several times as long as I carry boiling water or can access hot water points, which is quite easy in Taiwan. Taiwanese enjoy hot drinks the same as cold drinks in Britain, so it’s common to see the water fountain machine combined with cold and hot water in the public transportation stations. Recently, I found that I can ask for boiling water into a flask on the train at the dining carriage. The size of my flask is perfect for their hot water machine.

If you are interested in this type of flask, there are several kinds available on Amazon to enjoy fresh tea while traveling.

** The tea leaves in the flask is Alishan JinXuan Spring Tea

April promotion: Order over £50, get 5 bags of Longan Flower Tea.

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