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Travel Kit: Single Teapot and Cup Set for outside use

This week is the peak time for cherry blossoms in Edinburgh. In the meadows park one can see lots of people picnicking and BBQ while enjoying the cherry blossom. When the sun is out, you emerge yourself in the sunshine and watch the petals drift in the air, it’s really a great enjoyment.

Spring is a good time to brew tea outside some portable teaware. I still remember I had a nice spot with a stall setup by the meadows pavilion. I use a single teapot set which fits the cup and pot together (See photo). Don’t forget to pack a portable flask with boiling water.

Firstly, find a good spot to make tea under the cherry blossom. Once you’ve set up your teaware, spread 1 layer of tea leaves to cover the bottom of the tea pot. Secondly, pour boiling water to cover the top of the tea leaves ensuring you do not overfill the pot. Thirdly, put the cup on top of the teapot to help retain the heat of the water. After 2 minutes, open the cup and pour tea into the cup, then you can enjoy a nice oolong tea.

**The tea I made in the photo is SunLinkSea Triple Roasted Oolong

Few options for Single Teapot and Cup Set

April promotion: Order over £50, get 5 bags of Longan Flower Tea.

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